Saturday, August 11, 2012


 A lot of people now like to compare the Californio method with classical dressage. 

The difference that I see is that even great classical dressage is based on pressure and release type methods,the rider applies pressure and the horse yields to this pressure and is rewarded in the best scenario. The true Californio method ...
or at least what I believe to be the method based on how every piece of equipment is built and how I have found it works,is a balance based method where the rider move their body and equipment slightly out of balance without tension as the signal and the horse yields by finding the balance and the relief that is built into every piece of equipment and the knowing riders body.If ridden and taught correctly the only time pressure is used is when the horse is not paying attention to the balance change and this becomes less and less necessary throughout the horses life and training, as does the amount of balance change to get the same result from the horse. So to compare this style to others styles of riding is difficult because it's so much different then any other method I know of.

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