Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I find the early Californio system of teaching horses suits me so much better since I quit worrying about results so much.

Now I just enjoy the process and look for the little changes in my horses and appreciate the small developments and relaxed happy attitudes of my horses.

Funny thing is,that since I quit being so results oriented,I'm getting better results then ever before with happier horses then ever before.


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  1. I enjoyed watching you ride and rope at the Ranch Roundup in Carmel Valley recently. You really exemplified the concept of your horse's feet acting as your feet. I loved how soft and responsive your horse was -- something I am striving for but have a ways to go. I also appreciated your relaxed (meaning calm, not "lax") attitude and patience with your teammates, horse, and cattle. Hope you come back next year!
    - Becky